SMARTtray is the first end-to-end system that makes plant breeding more efficient, safer and more cost-effective


About SMARTtray®

SMARTtray® is an innovative high-throughput method for the cultivation and tissue sampling of various plant species. It was developed by experienced plant breeders and scientists to meet the challenges of modern plant breeding. The ever-increasing number of plants that need to be sampled for DNA extraction and marker-assisted selection (MAS) has led to a bottleneck in the breeding process.


Process costs are reduced by 33%

Barcode-supported and automated processes minimize errors and reduce process costs

Up to 90% time and space savings

SMARTtray revolutionizes plant breeding through miniaturized cultivation and automated sampling. The combination of SMARTtray®️ device, cultivation and sampling station leads to considerable savings in the required cultivation space and sampling time.


Less staff required


Advantages compared to traditional methods


100% of survey participants recognized significant advantages of SMARTtray® compared to the conventional method


– Result of an acceptance survey as part of product presentations

83% of survey participants are interested in testing SMARTtray® on site


– Result of an acceptance survey as part of product presentations

The three most important advantages of SMARTtray® from the customer's point of view are


  • Fully automated system
  • high process control
  • short sample handling time


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