Innovation SMARTtray®

The SMARTtray® system has so far been used successfully on various plant species under different cultivation conditions (recipes).
Compared to traditional methods, SMARTtray® offers an innovative solution for cultivating and sampling a large number of plants for molecular analysis.



Reduction of required space

The “miniature cultivation” in 96-well plates reduces the space requirement and enables a high plant density with exponential cultivation. This enables multi-trait variation and early marker-assisted selection.


Removing bottlenecks

The efficient sampling of root tissue eliminates bottlenecks. The simultaneous sampling of 96 individuals eliminates the need for time-consuming manipulation of single plants.


Increase in intensity

Breeding budgets can be used more efficiently by intensifying and expanding breeding programs. This speeds up the development of new varieties.


Process control

The entire process is monitored and secured by a barcode-based system. This means that each plant can be clearly assigned and quickly located if necessary.



Early selection makes breeding more efficient. Only plants with the desired genetic traits ultimately require greenhouse capacity.


Small investments

SMARTtray® requires only minimal investment in the components. Energy and consumption costs can also be reduced

This might significantly improve modern plant breeding. Professional breeders benefit from time and cost savings while at the same time overcoming process bottlenecks.

100% of survey participants recognized clear advantages of SMARTtray® compared to the traditional method.


– Result of an acceptance survey as part of product presentations

83% of survey participants are interested in testing SMARTtray® on site.


– Result of an acceptance survey as part of product presentations

The three key advantages of SMARTtray® from the customer's perspective are:


  • Fully automated process
  • High process control
  • Shorter sample handling time


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